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Day-to-day life with depression.

A platform to help you manage depression and improve your quality of life.

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Create your account for free and start managing the illness.

Everything you need in one single place. 3 services to help you live a little better with depression.


Meet and speak with people affected by depression. You'll find other users, groups and organisations. Start a conversation or participate in a discussion. Always anonymous, always secure.


Keep a record of your symptoms, medication and test results. Record all the relevant data relating to your illness every day to keep track of it. You can print out a report and take it to your next doctor's appointment.


Now you don't need to hunt for information about your illness online. You'll find articles about depression and the stories of other patients, with the peace of mind that all of our articles are supervised by a team of doctors.

You can recover from depression. An illness which can appear for a specific reason or without any identifiable cause, but which can always be treated.

Share this video and help raise awareness about the illness.

Depression is an illness which can appear in our lives temporarily, intermittently or on a chronic basis. Sometimes we'll know the reason why we're depressed, and sometimes we won't have a clue why we feel like this. But the important thing isn't to ask ourselves why we feel like this, but rather to find a way to confront our depression. And going to the doctor is the first step to treating depression.

Whether you have depression, care for someone else or are just interested. If you are affected by an illness in any way, now there's a place for you.

Whether you've been diagnosed, have symptoms or a family history of an illness, there's a place to find support.

Illnesses don't only affect the people who've been diagnosed: loved ones and carers also have a lot to say.

You might be a friend, a colleague or a health professional. Whatever your relation to an illness, you have a lot to offer.

In addition to depression, you can also sign up in:

Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes.
Online soon: Bipolar disorder, cardiovascular risk, epilepsy, obesity, psoriasis, schizophrenia.