Get to know the Terms of Use of the platform.

At People Who we would like to offer you a place where all people can find useful services that will help them live better with their illness and where all users may find a guaranteed, secured, safe, private and respectful environment for them, their ideas and opinions.

It is therefore necessary for all platform users to accept a set of rules that regulate the effective use of it.

By using this platform, you acquire the status of user and this implies the fully acceptance of all the rules contained in these Terms of Use. We will do all possible to ensure compliance with these rules, preventing those individuals who intentionally break them from using the platform.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that these Terms of Use may be modified at any time by People Who, so we recommend reading them carefully every time you use our platform, just in case any modifications have been made.

We do not offer medical consultations or advice

Please note, that content published on People Who should in no way be regarded as a substitute for a medical consultation. You should always seek advice from your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your health or treatment regime. Never ignore medical advice or put off seeing your doctor due to a conversation or content you might have read here on People Who. People Who content should never be interpreted as medical advice.

Free and open access

People Who is a platform aimed at those people that live with an illness and its main objective is to make their daily lives easier. That is why the access and use of all its features, contents and tools is free for everybody. You just need to register as a user to get access to certain areas of the platform, so you will need a valid email address.

If you register as a user

You need to be over 18, agree with the Terms of Use and with the platform’s Code of Ethics. You also need to choose a username and password.
By using this platform, you declare that you know this rule and you are over 18.

The use of your password is personal and non-transferable, and you must not give it to third parties. You will have to take the necessary steps to keep it safe and prevent third parties to gain access to it. Remember that you will be solely responsible for the use of your password without harm or prejudice for People Who. If you ever suspect that your password is being used by third parties, you should let us know as soon as possible by sending us an email to
All the information you provide must be true. Remember that you are the one who decides what you want to tell us. As a user, you must guarantee the authenticity of the data you provide, as you will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made, as well as for any prejudice to People Who, the rest of users or third parties and that may result as a consequence of it.

To keep you informed, the user registration includes a monthly email containing a report on your activity and the newsletters you are subscribed to. You will be able to modify the newsletters frequency or manage your subscription/unsubscription from ‘Your account’ section on People Who.

At People Who you will never be asked to provide any personal data that may identify you such as your name or surname. We only need a few data such as your year of birth, city or gender for statistical purposes. Those data may also be hidden to the rest of users on the platform. It is recommended to always act under your virtual profile and not to publish any personal data that may lead to know who you really are such as your real name or your email address.

Whenever a name and surname that could identify a person is used, it will be modified by our team of moderators, to safeguard anonymity, and you will be notified of the modification. You can always change your name by accessing ‘Your Account’.

To get in contact with other users in private mode you can use the private messaging system, which is only accessible to you and your recipients.

Respectful username

It is forbidden to choose as your username any offensive word or expression, coinciding with brands, trademarks, commercial names, email addresses, social denominations, commercial advertisements, names or pseudonyms of public individuals for which use it is not authorized, and in general, contrary to the law or demands of morality and proper consuetude.

If your username does not fulfil these conditions, you will be asked to change it. If you do not make the required changes as soon as possible, your username will be replaced by ‘User (registration number)’. Remember that you can always change your username, but you must always respect the Terms of Use.

No photos of people

We want to ensure your privacy is protected at all times. To this end, the use of photos of people as virtual profile pictures is strictly prohibited. We suggest selecting one of the avatars (pictures) we provide. When creating a group, you will have the option of uploading a picture from your computer.
But remember that the use of photos of people is not allowed. In the same vein, the use of pictures that may hurt the sensibility of other people is also forbidden.

When creating a group, it may be necessary to moderate or substitute the name of the group or any of its descriptions in order to comply with our Terms of Use.

If a picture of a person or an image that could prove offensive to other users  were to be uploaded, we will contact you to request a change. If you do not make the needed changes as soon as possible, the picture will be replaced with one of our avatars. Remember that you can always change your picture by accessing ‘Your Account’. Group administrators can change the group picture by accessing the group ‘profile’, assuming they always comply with the Terms of Use. 

It is essential to respect the entire Community

Each and every shared article or publication should be based on such principle. All individuals, whatever their personal and social conditions, have the right to express their views as long as they respect the rest of the users. Equally, the rest of the Community members should respect those opinions, regardless of whether they share them or not.

Correct and polite use of language

First and foremost, we hope that the communication inside the Community is enclosed by rules and standards of cordiality, respect, courtesy and cooperation and that these principles are reflected in the way the language is used and the contents shared. We ask that you always use an adequate and friendly tone: it is essential to create a good atmosphere on the platform.

The right to report publications by others

At People Who we will take great care that each and every user complies with the Terms of Use of this platform. However, your help is crucial so that this code of conduct is respected, especially on subjective aspects. Because of that, the platform offers to their users the possibility to report any inappropriate content in accordance with these Terms of Use. Please use this function only when necessary. You should bear in mind that the Community can be very varied, and maybe something you believe is inappropriate does not infringe any of our Terms of Use. In that case, the content may not be removed.

Your responsibility

Take into account that you will be solely responsible for the data, opinions, messages and information that you introduce in the platform, for their veracity and appropriateness to the purposes you are introducing them for, as well as for the harms and prejudices you may be causing to People Who and third parties by posting them. People Who excludes any liability for the data, opinions, messages and information that you decide to introduce in the platform. People Who is not responsible under any circumstances for the private messages sent by users to other users inside the platform, for any damage and/or prejudice of any kind or nature that may be caused by the access and, if so, the interception, deletion, modification or other form of tampering by third parties authorized – or not -, of the messages, contents, information or pictures that users make available to third parties through the tools available in the platform.

You cannot use any material you find in our platform for illicit and forbidden purposes according to these conditions, running counter to the interests of People Who, its members, collaborators, users, and/or third parties. You will have to deal with them in case you do not comply with the aforementioned obligations. Additionally, you will be responsible for introducing or spreading computer viruses that may damage, render useless, overload, cause deterioration, or impede the normal functioning of the platform and its normal use.

Lawful use of the platform

As a user, you should use our platform for lawful purposes and as required by law, these Terms of Use, morality and generally accepted good conduct, as well as public order. As a consequence, as a user you will abstain from using our platform for purposes which are damaging to the rights or interests of third parties, or in any manner that may damage, render useless, overload, or cause deterioration of our platform, its services and/or functions or impede the normal use of the platform by other users.

In particular, by using our platform you warrant and undertake that you will not transmit, diffuse, or make available to third parties any information, messages, graphics, audio and/or picture files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material that, in some way:

– Harasses, threatens or abuses other members of the platform.

– Encourages others to infringe the performance standards and the Code of Ethics of the platform.

– Is published with the intent of impersonating staff members of People Who or another user by using a similar identification or another method or mechanism.

– Is used for commercial, advertising or illicit purposes.

– Is excessively repetitive becoming a form of spam, that is to say, publications that somehow damage their receptors or interfere with the communication with the rest of users.

– Contravenes, denigrates or threatens fundamental rights and constitutionally recognized public freedom, contemplated in international treaties and regulations.

– Induces or incites criminal, denigrating, defamatory, violent or discriminatory actions based on genre, age, disease, religion, belief or condition.

– Incorporates, makes available or allows access to criminal, violent, offensive, injurious, degrading products, elements, messages and/or services or, in general, contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good conduct.

– Induce or incites involvement in practices that may endanger, put at risk, or harm one's health or mental stability.

– Puts the lives of others in danger, or which either directly or indirectly could incite a user to commit suicide.

– Is protected by any industrial or intellectual property right held by third parties, unless required authorization for the use in question has been obtained by the user from the owners of the corresponding   right.

– Infringes the right to honour, personal and family privacy or personal image rights.

– Violates the rules on secrecy or confidentiality of communications.

– Contains a virus or any other physical or electronic component which may cause damage to or impede the normal functioning of the networks, system or computer equipment of People Who or third parties.

– Causes, due to its particular features, difficulties to the normal functioning of the service.

– Contains personal data such as postal addresses, telephones, email addresses or ID numbers. The dissemination of this information is reserved for profiles like Patients' Associations for the optimal   development of their functions.

We will ensure that these Terms of Use are respected

In this regards, we reserve the right to suspend the account of any user who does not respect these Terms of Use, as well as the rest of functioning rules of the platform. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove or not publish any type of content (messages comments or photographs) that may contain inappropriate information, according to the requirements listed above, without prior notice or subsequent notification to the user.

Anti-Spam Policy

People Who has a strict anti-spam policy whereby, as a user, you will abstain from using and collecting data from distribution lists to which you may obtain access through the platform sections, for promotional or advertising purposes, as well as from sending commercial communications of any kind, not required or previously permitted by People Who or its users, whatever its medium.

Our responsibilities

At People Who we strive to keep all the information in our platform as up-to-date as possible and free of errors. However, we cannot guarantee that it will always be that way. Consequently, we exclude any liability for errors or omissions that might be due to lack of accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content. Nevertheless, once detected, we will fix them as soon as possible.

We cannot…

– Guarantee the availability, continuity nor infallibility of the functioning of the platform, its tools and functions. Consequently, we exclude any liability for any kind of damages and prejudices arising from the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the platform and its tools.

– Guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements which may cause damage or alterations to the computer system of our users. Consequently, we will not be liable for any damages and prejudices that those elements may cause to you as a user.

– Assume responsibility for messages, contents, opinions, files, information and any other kind of information from third parties available in the platform, being the users solely responsible for them.

– Assume responsibility to endorse, check or verify the information or contents on other websites that may be accessed from the existing hyperlinks in the platform, but it does not constitute a recommendation to its   use. People Who only undertakes not to publish in its section Magazine information which does not meet the requirements set out in these Terms of Use and the Code of Ethics of the platform, as well as to remove from it, as soon as possible, that information that may be out of touch with the reality, or could mislead or cause damage to the user.

– Control the use the users make of all the sections and tools available in the platform and, as a consequence, we cannot guarantee that users use them according to these Terms of Use, in a diligent or prudent   manner. Additionally, People Who does not have the obligation to verification and does not verify neither the identity of the users, nor the validity, veracity, exhaustiveness or authenticity of the data, contents and information of any kind that users provide about themselves.

Delete your user account whenever you want

If you do not want to continue participating in the platform you can delete your user account whenever you want. Please note that we will delete all your personal data from our server and then we will not be able to retrieve them. As if you had never had an account.

About us

According to regulation LSSICE 34/2002, of July 11th, we inform you that web site is held by the corporate entity People Who Global S.L, with CIF registration number B86980059, and legal address at Calle de Almadén 19, 28014 Madrid, Spain. This company is recorded in the Commercial Registration Office of Madrid, Volume 32,304, Section 8th, Sheet 105, Page M581482, Entry 1st.

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