A platform which stays free thanks to the support of companies

We have a sustainable model: a platform for patients that will be free, now and always

People Who is a private initiative promoted by People Who Global, S.L. and born with the aim to offer a digital platform for everyone who lives with an illness.

We have a mission: to improve the quality of life of all those people by using new technologies and digital media. We have a goal: to provide a high-quality product for our users that is free, now and always.

The aim of our funding model is to achieve the long-term sustainability of the project. To do so, we will have the financial support of companies and institutions that share our mission.

A. Funds for start-up and maintenance


1. Each user uses the platform for free. All you need to do is create an account to save all your information and start to interact with other users.

The information provided by each user is stored in two different ways:

2a. The personal information is stored in servers governed by the privacy standards found in current legislation (Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection) and secure file encryption systems. We will not collect names or surnames or allow photos of people at any time. We meet the highest security standards required by law.

2b. Day-to-day information. already separated from personal information, forms part of a cluster where the data from all the users is collected. This allows us to generate statistics that represent the realities of people who currently live with an illness.

The statistics are compiled in a monthly report that is provided to the collaborating companies and the Patients' Associations that form the Advisory Committee of each illness.

We also prepare an annual report that is provided to healthcare authorities in order to generate new understanding from the patient's perspective.

B. Funds to create content and mobile apps.


1. We listen to the users of the platform to find out which contents are the most useful for them and which apps can help them. We also work with a list of contents with the Patients' Associations that make up the Advisory Committee of each illness.

2. The team at People Who prepares a list of contents and apps that will have different priorities depending on their usefulness and degree of development.

3. This list is shared with several companies that share our values and might be interested in funding the preparation and publication of our contents and apps.

4. The contents and apps are published with a special mention or the trademark of the company that has provided funds, always in compliance with the transparency and editorial independence established in our Ethical Code.