Intellectual and Industrial property of contents on our platform

People Who Global, S.L. is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of People Who platform and of all the elements contained in it (including, but not limited to, images, sound, audio, video, texts, trademarks or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, computer programs, available services etc.) created by the team at People Who.

Users of the platform are the owners of the content that they decide to publish in any of the areas within People Who and they are responsible for exercising the rights of use of any content that they decide to include therein. By deciding to publish content in the platform the user grants People Who the copyright of the content and especially the rights to reproduce, distribute, communicate and transform, under any known method at the date of publication, as a non-exclusive, transferable licence with sub-licencing rights, free of copyright and applied in global terms of the said content.

Likewise, as People Who is a public platform, a user that publishes a given item of content implicitly allows any other platform user to access and use said information.

Regarding the contents owned by People Who, these can be copied, distributed and communicated publicly by the users of People Who, provided the following conditions are met:

  • They may not be used for any commercial purposes.
  • Their contents may not be altered or transformed in any way.
  • People Who must be mentioned as the source and the address of the platform,, must be shown at all times.

What about your Story?

You are the owner of the contents that you publish as a User in Experiences. This is a place to share experiences.

You should know that when you decide to publish a given item of content in Experiences, you are granting us a non-exclusive, free, global and indefinite licence over the rights of use of said content and, in particular, the right to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and/or transform the content both on our People Who platform and in any other medium owned by us, whether written or digital, always anonymously.

However, you may delete this content at any time and it will be removed from the platform and deleted from our servers. The licence for use that was granted to us for that specific content will cease to have effect immediately.

You should take into account that Experiences is open to public access, which means that by publishing content there you are allowing any platform user to access and use that information in the same way and under the same licence as you have granted to us.

Therefore, there is nothing that prevents it being available to a third party even after it has been removed by you, if that third party has not removed it.

People Who® is a registered trademark of People Who Global S.L.