We protect you with our Privacy Policy.

At People Who we take care of people privacy. We do not want to know who is who in their real lives, but to provide you with a set of tools and information that will help you live better with your illness. No matter who you are.

People Who is a place to get in contact with other people with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your privacy is assured. For that reason, we ask users to create their virtual profile and to act with them in the platform.

With our Privacy Policy we want you to understand in a clear and transparent manner how People Who Global, S.L. manages the information provided by users when they use the virtual platform People Who.

To set up an account at People Who is easy, fast and free. In order to guarantee your privacy, we do not collect the name and surnames of our users, and photos of people are not allowed.

The required data to set up an account are the minimum necessary for the proper functioning of the platform:

– To create your virtual profile: the username (chosen by each user) and an avatar (selected from those provided by us). These data are always public to others in the platform.
– To interact with others: relation with the illness. This data is always public to others in the platform.
– To guarantee you are over 18: year of birth. Each user may choose to show or hide this data to others.
- For statistical purposes: age, sex and place of residency. This data is visible by default, but can be hidden by accessing ‘Your Account'.
– To manage the user account: email address, always hidden and secured.

Additionally, there is a private messaging system available, which allows you to chat in a secure and private manner and only with the people you decide.

People Who complies with all the relevant legal safeguards regarding the information provided by their users.

User Information

All users are welcome to freely access and navigate through our platform without registering: at People Who we do not collect any data that may identify them. However, access to some sections, as well as some services, tools and functions is restricted to registered users.

To register as user you must be over 18. This platform is not aimed at minors as we want to preserve their protection. By creating an account you confirm you are over 18 years of age.

To create a user account here at People Who, you will need to fill in the required fields. This information will always be handled under the strictest standards of confidentiality.

In accordance with the provisions of Directive 95/46/CE of the European Parliament and the EU Council, as well as the LOPD 15/1999, December 13th, we inform you that the personal data you provide through our interactive forms for data collection, the data you include in your account or profile, as well as any other kind of data or information that directly or indirectly relates to your activity in the Platform (including health data) will be incorporated to an automatized file owned by People Who Global S.L. and duly registered at the General Registry of the Data Protection Agency who, as responsible for it, will only use it for the following purposes:

– Identify you as a user and allow you to access sections, services, tools and/or functions of your interest.
– Send information about activities, events and/or news that give you information that you asked for or that we think might be interesting to you.
– Obtain quality statistical information about certain illnesses, obtaining parameters to improve the way in which the society in general and the people in particular live with an illness. For that purpose, we dissociate personal data from the data which will be part of that statistic information. It will never be possible to relate a statistic with the person who provided it.

The personal data you provided will always be treated with the maximum privacy, confidentiality and security in compliance with current legislation. Therefore, we guarantee that they will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances, not even to companies of our same company group.

You will be solely responsible for the data you introduce in the platform, for their veracity and appropriateness to the purposes you are introducing them for.

User Registration

To register as a user on the platform you must read the instructions provided on the registration form carefully. You will also need to enter some identification data, such as a valid email address, place of residence, sex, year of birth, username and avatar (profile picture).
We remind you that:

– You must not use your real name: Create a fictitious name to interact in the platform.
– If you want to be able to participate on the platform, you will need to use your virtual avatar – selected from those on offer. The only exception to this rule is when creating a group, as you are then given the option of uploading your own picture, although you should keep in mind that if you do choose to upload photographs, you should avoid those that identify yourself or any third parties. Pictures of people are strictly forbidden. If you enter a name and surname that could identify a person, it will be modified, to safeguard anonymity, and you will be notified of the modification. You can always change your name by accessing ‘Your account’.
– You must note use or introduce identifiable personal data, such as your name and surnames, your workplace, places you usually visit, etc.
– Taking care of your privacy is very important. You must be very careful with the data and information you share with other users, both from you and from third parties.
– You must not introduce personal data from minors or other third parties, unless you have been authorized to act on their behalf.
– You must not disclose personal data from third parties. If you decide that you want to disclose them, you should know that, according to law, you must have their explicit consent in writing.

For increased security, we have set a two-step registration process. Once you have filled the registration form, you will receive an email in your email account to confirm that you are the one who is registering and not a third party in your name. You will be able to access your People Who account through that email.

Information security and confidentiality

People Who has implemented the security measures in accordance with the provisions of RD 1720/2007, December 21st, having established all necessary human and technical resources available in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and/or theft of personal details provided through the platform. Particularly, and due to the sensitivity of the information provided, we have implemented high-level measures. Notwithstanding the above, you should be aware that security measures on the internet are not impregnable.

Data access, correction, cancellation and opposition

At People Who our intention is that you are the owner of the use which is made of your personal data at all times. As a consequence, if you register as a user of the platform, you will be able to register and unregister from it at any time and following a few simple steps. You can also exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of your personal data. You will have to access “Your Account” section where you can use your rights as well as deleting your account in People Who.

If you have any doubt, question or comment with respect to our Privacy Policy or our Policy on Data Protection, please feel free to email us to hello@peoplewho.com.


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